BEL's Strategic partnership

BEL Group Ltd, through BEL Composite America Inc., has announced a strategic partnership with Strand Composite Engineering & Construction, LLC of Harrison, Arkansas (USA) for the manufacture and distribution of Reverse Osmosis Pressure Vessels used in membrane filtration of water for industry and municipalities.

Strand Composite Engineering is a licensed engineering company with a fiberglass (FRP/GRP) fabrication facility in the USA. Strand Composite Engineering (Strand) is one of only two USA companies that hold both ASME FRP pressure vessel design and fabrication authorizations, RTP-1 and Section X. Strand has a 56 year history in the US and some foreign markets in the design and manufacture of fiberglass reinforced equipment.

BEL Group, a Cyprian company with operations in Spain, USA, Israel, and other foreign markets is the world-leader in the efficient and reliable design standards for low, medium and high Pressure Vessels (membrane housing). BEL also produces a line of FRP/GRP tanks and vessels that are similar to those traditionally manufactured by Strand.

The two companies have successfully shared business opportunities in the past and are dedicated to develop the natural synergy into a beneficial platform for the support of industry and government(s) alike.

“BEL is a powerful and smart group with a wide range of valuable products and services,” said St Clair P Guess, president and CEO of Strand Composite Engineering. “We will partner with BEL to provide a strong manufacturing, testing, delivery and maintenance presence in the USA and North America.”

BEL Composite America Inc. (New Castle, PA) distributes and services the pressure vessels for the membrane filtration industry in the USA currently. By partnering with Strand Composite Engineering, the companies will be able to deliver a locally manufactured product, engineered and tested in Strand’s Midwestern plant.

“This is a significant development for our customers in North America. With Strand’s proven accomplishments as a premier design and manufacturing concern in the FRP equipment market, we are now able to offer a local manufacturing presence to a product with global recognition and success,” said Ran Gershfeld, Chairman and CEO of BEL Group Ltd.

BEL’s Pressure Vessel designs offer a unique product to the global market for membrane filtration as their Pressure Vessels are manufactured with "steel free" locking grooves and an outstanding mechanical interlocking port system that provides the only Pressure Vessels available that seal more efficiently under pressure and provide for nearly no dead space. It is the unique design that makes the BEL product so credibly efficient in the filtration cycle.

The union of BEL and Strand will allow for expanded and seamless service to companies with needs at both ends of the process spectrum. Strand Composite Engineering has a long, rich history in the supply and servicing of water system components such as piping, tanks, large field-manufactured vessels, stacks, duct, scrubbers, chimneys and similar equipment. BEL Composite America has offered Pressure Vessels for membrane filtration systems world-wide. By combining the two supply chains into one USA concern, customers will be able to optimize efficiency from initial cost, maintenance, and delivery for the entire water treatment and delivery spectrum of equipment.

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